Meet Bob Nowak, a Laporte County Landowner in the Trail Creek Watershed who inspires the SWCD and our work for healthy soil and water.

We’re sure there are many people taking care of their land and employing conservation techniques the way Bob Nowak does up in Michigan City, just west of the I-94 Interchange and north of Route 20.  But meeting people like Bob is always a thrill, knowing that many County residents like him choose to do the right thing by installing conservation practices on their own, simply because they care so much about the ecological health of their property.  Bob and his family have owned the woods, farm, and fields for over 100 years.  You can sense that pride and commitment to keeping the land healthy for another 100 years when you meet him on site – the woods are breathtaking and diverse; the prairie a strong tapestry of color; and the property’s portion of Trail Creek is buffered with vegetation.

We’ve posted a few images of Bob standing next to his 3-year old seeded prairie (seeding work he did as well, if not better, than professional ecologists) with another picture showing a clutch of baby quail intended for field release this fall.  When asked why he’s raising and releasing quail, he plainly noted he used to see quail quite a bit years back, and wants to see their return to the local landscape. 

The Trail Creek Watershed, and all of LaPorte County, is fortunate to have such dedicated and creative land stewards as the Nowak family.  Thanks for the tour Bob!

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