Interest and issues within the Galena watershed – meet The Browns and their pooch, Toots.

Trying to take a picture of a darting salmon is like trying to catch a fly bare-handed, but within this pebble-filled section of stream are a few of the Galena River’s spawning salmon.  If you look close enough, you’ll see the long, gray body of one salmon, feeding within the pebbles of the River that flows through David Brown’s property – in the far northern reaches of the County.  And, if you don’t see the salmon, think of this photo as a Rorschach test – what potential for rich aquatic biology do you see in the pebbley Galena?

David Brown and his dog, Toots – a beautiful and lucky Boxer.

David Brown and his wife, Marianne, have a stunning and unique property in northern Laporte County, just a stone’s throw from the Indiana – Michigan line and right near the friendly neighbors of Stateline Horse Stables.  David and Marianne are interested in improving the water quality of the stream, for improved fish habitat.  Additionally, they want to stop some of the water scouring after heavy rains, a force that eats away the banks of stream and cuts into their back yard, all leading to incredible flooding. And, because they love the outdoors and are good at linking projects and people, they’ve started cleaning out the invasive honeysuckle and multiflora rose that invades their stream’s banks and woods – working with some scouts to get the tough job done quickly. 

David and Marianne are exploring some possible cost-share opportunities to improve the health of the stream and woods through the LaPorte County Conservation Technical Assistance Initiative.  We will keep you posted on our collaborative progress.  In the meantime, scroll through the beauty of their property, just as the Redbuds were blooming and the Sycamore’s were only just budding.

 Spare Spring woods before the full lushness of a summer canopy.

 Steep banks of Brown property along Galena River.

 Beavers at work.

 View from house deck – looking down far to south of Galena River.

 View from house deck looking mid-south point of Galena.

Views from house deck looking mid-point and to the north of property, as Galena River meanders through the woods.  Notice Tulip, Sycamore and blooming Redbud tree.

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